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Test Run Box!

Testrun Box
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A unified community for sample posts.
This community is a space to create sample posts for prospective characters for a number of roleplays. This can be used for the application, or just to practice a character.

  • All posts here must be in-character posts by characters intended for games that allow testrun_box for sample posts. Membership is not moderated, just go ahead and join. Remember, this is for sample posts, so don't treat this as an ordinary dressing room or musebox.
  • In the title of your post, indicate which game you are considering the character for.
  • There is no unified setting or posting format.
  • The events of theads in this community are NOT considered canon within the continuities of the RPs they are for.

We aren't tracking which games do or don't use this community for applications. If you want to allow testrun sample posts, simply say so and link to this community. If you have any further questions, send a PM to professor_prof.