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An Unsealed Can of DOOM!!! for UG@

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(A new suit lands in the hangar. Well, suit is an interesting way to put it. It looks mechanical, but it also looks like some kind of hellish beast ripped straight out of a book in armor. It turns to you and bends down. A hatch opens and a woman with night black hair and fiery red eyes drops to the ground...And she is completely naked. But it also shows that she is not human. She has two bony horns coming out of her head and three pairs of small feathery wings, one with white feathers, one with black feathers, and one with gray feathers of different shades. There is also a phantom halo above her head. On top of all this, she has a reptilian-like tail that comes into a pointed arrow-like end.)

So, you are the ones who awoke me, the great Demon Overlord Letriel, from my slumber. I thank you. It was unbearably dull inside that seal. I suppose I will stick with you all since it doesn't seem like anyone up there is in a hurry to force me back in there.

(For once in a good time, it has been a quite few days on the Chalice. No attacks, no drama, it is amazing! Sadly, that doesn't suit one member of the Chalice as Letriel is tapping her foot with an annoyed look.)

Bored, bored, bored, BORED!!!! I swear, unless something interesting happens soon I will MAKE something interesting happen!

(You are depressed about something. Maybe you had a bad day, or something broke, or the normal trauma inducing stuff that happens to many aboard the vessel hit you. Anyway, Letriel finds you in this state and decides to use all her tact to see what is up.)

...Ah, shit. So what's got you all mopping about like some sore little puss?

(A fight breaks loose! The fight is all over the place and everyone gets separated. You are making your way through the horde when Letriel lands next to you in Vice and starts ripping the enemy a new one.)

Come on! You pathetic idiots can do better than this! Entertain me damn it!
1] Just outside of the crumbling ruins of a once great city a striking woman with short black hair sit on top of a steamer trunk in the sunshine. Her legs are crossed at the knees, the cutaway of her skirt giving you a lovely view of milk white thighs as she bounces her toes and smoked fragrant herb from a pipe. She holds out her thumbs to any passerby's, but doesn't seem to bothered by the fact that no one has given her a ride. Now and then she hums and sings to herself, rocking her body back and forth to the beat of her melody. The sunlight clings to her deep cleavage which she bares with little shame, but a sense of crude elegance.

"Hey sweetheart, you got room for one more?"

2] On a warm sunny beach a strange mech is sitting in the break of the waves at the shoreline. The machine was strikingly humanoid, save for it's funny little feet which proved useless on land.
If you get close you may find the mech's owner, sunbathing in the sand beside the robot. Her short black hair framing her pale face, cheeks pinked by the sun, oh... and she seems to be completely nude (and well endowed). Only now could you see the tattoos on her skin, and the piercings in the most sensitive of places.
She had her headphones tucked in her ears, and her eyes look out across the surf as the sun warms her bare chest and stomach.
This is already so much better than the One Eyed Jack.

For SRWUG@, Ground Hog Day's Present

[While you're just going about your business in some peaceful city, you'll notice some a wearing some rather odd clothes. She's leaning up against a brick wall in an alley way to catch her breath. She's got a few bullet wounds, one in her shoulder, one in her stomach, and one over her heart, but they don't seem to bother her much.]

Hmm...So this is the extent of my powers without a master. Father would be disappointed.

2. [General introductions]
[It's that same girl as before, wandering the White Chalice now that she's been taken aboard.]

Such a strange place...I wonder what Kouzou saw in them.

3. [Comedy]

[As the White Chalice passes over Alaska, herds of roaming elk can be seen, their breath forming clouds of frost in the winter air. It is a peaceful, majestic sight, and Eibon has come to watch. She's also brought along a high-powered, anti-tank sniper rifle.]

So her foul servants persist to this day...No matter, that can be fixed.

[She starts setting up the gun, aiming for the wildlife.]

Anudder One for UG@

1) [And among the various mecha, there seems to be a new addition to the mix - a GAT-01A1 105 Dagger armed to the teeth with various Striker Packs, an odd beam saber-like hilt to the side. As it parks, the cockpit opens up, revealing a young girl, maybe no older than 16-17, wearing such a strange piloting outfit.]

Oh, wow... that was so cool! I finally got to pilot a mecha... and I WON! I--

[She stops, blinks, and notices she was geeking out near you.] O-Oh! I'm sorry! It was my first time and... a-hahaha! I'm Reimi. Reimi Kobayashi! Looks like we get to be partners now!

2) [The Chalice has made a stop in a nearby town and it seems that Reimi's slinked off in the direction of a few odd stores. A few moments later, she slinks back out with something in a bag... is that a mecha model?!]

Eep! H-How long were you watching?! Look, don't tell anyone else about this, please! If they find out that I like these sorts of things, I'll never hear the end of it! I've gone this far, I don't wanna blow it here!

[She seems a little panicky over this hobby? Wat do?]

3) [It's fightan time! The 105 Dagger, Aile Striker attached, starts to fly towards an enemy.]

Alright... the doc says I got a lot of potential, so let's show them what I can do! Go, Tenchi!

[The 105 Dagger grabs the odd beam saber and draws it out, a blueish blade of energy forming as it slashes at its opponent, tearing into it.]

Ha! Got you!

[And it seems that Reimi isn't paying attention, though...]

4) [A battle's gone horribly south leading to a defeat and loss of life and Reimi isn't taking it too well. She's staying in the arboretum, contemplating]

...I... I thought I had it. I was right there! I... I choked, that's all that matters. [She sputters.] Maybe the doc's wrong, maybe I'm not cut out for this...

Here comes another one for UG@


(A beautiful dark skinned woman in a blood red dress is in the hangar. She turns to you and offers a slight smile before walking up to you.)

Hello. My name is Chisom, 'Ritzy' if you have personal business with me. It seems I'll be traveling with you for a while.


(Chisom is relaxing in the arboretum at the moment. She pulls out her special pipe and loads it before taking a long drag and exhaling.)

Ah, nothing like a good smoke.


(Chisom is in her room, or her 'office' as she calls it, relaxing. For one reason or another, you have something to talk to her about and knock on her door. She opens it up and gives you a sly smile.)

Hey. Are you here for business? Or pleasure?

(She rubs her hips a little to accent the 'pleasure'.)


(A battle has broken out. On the scene is Chisom and her 45 meter tall super robot. As the enemy starts to rush her, Chisom pulls out a rod. She swings it and an energy whip shoots out and knocks the enemy charging her to the ground. She then produces chains which bind the enemy to the ground before stomping on their chest.)

Now be a good boy and stay down. This is going to hurt real good.

[[There's a blonde bombshell sitting on (likely the foot of) your mech.  She's barely clad in a bikini, and sitting in a way that she's CLEARLY waiting for you.]]

Heeeey there♥~, can you heeelp me with something?

[[She must really need help since, she's not discriminating between male or female!]]

(2)undefined(Mostly intended for the girls)

[[Whomever Lilly's rooming with, she's been hoarding the mirror for a few hours.  You might need to do... well, whatever, your own make up, brush your teeth, your hair, be vain; but she's hogging it all to herself.  It's been AT LEAST an hour, before she finally pops out and says something.]] Do you have any lipstick I can borrow?

(3) (a little music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UR0UkTiKxmc)
[[Lilly's dressed up in her old high school cheerleading uniform, even if it is a little tight on her in certain areas.  Whatever routine she's doing, she's moving expertly along with the beat, not letting that impractically long, knee-length hair or her huge chest obstruct her movements. 

Maybe this is her way of practicing piloting?  Or she's just working out.  DEFINITELY bother her, or just ogle her creepily. ]]

[[It's fightan time... and... the (insert generic MOTW #69) is beating the crap out of a 45 meter tall chick-machine

Now, two things are wrong here that make... the situation complicated.  As the beast wails into the machine, the pilot, poo Lilly, sounds like she's ENJOYING the beating, however, her performance and cries for help afterward imply that she isn't.  Really, it's a big situation of "What Do?"]]

Perhaps for UG@

[Castellan taunts the lead scientist despite being sent to negotiate which results in a battle taking place inside a factory between you and several defenders. You are being primarily targeted for being seen as the larger threat and while occupied, receive no help despite there being a chance of you getting overrun. Instead, the black and gold machine starts slaughtering workers and blocks off any attempts of escape while one of the shots destroys the observation room at the top of the factory interior, killing all the occupants including the lead scientist as they attempt to flee]


[He scrolls through all the profiles he has access to on his holoscreen at the corner of the lounge and it looks shady. Either he doesn't notice you or doesn't care that you're there.]


[You surprisingly find the elusive pilot relaxing instead of poking his nose where it didn't belong. It was finally a chance to do whatever you needed or wanted. He then notices you looking at him.]

Need something?

Black wings - maybe for UG@

Aaah~! That was great!

[Teamwork may be an asset to a good number of people aboard the Chalice - some more so than others - but not to Naiza.

She probably did something reckless on her own in the mission that just ended; something that went against your code of camaraderie, and she's proud of that. For what it's worth, the battle still ended in victory, but that might not have been the case if her gamble hadn't paid off.]

[Her AC, Flourish, was heavily damaged in a battle that was lost - a battle that also saw a large number of casualties. It couldn't be helped, especially with the powerful enemy the Chalice party was up against, but Naiza herself had performed to the best of her abilities.

That said, the loss of life and failure seem to be the least of her concerns.]

It must be nice...not having to pay for your own repairs.


[Job picking! Naiza has one of those fancy holoscreens up while she dines in the mess hall, and is sorting through all the missions being offered by the jerkass Layered-based corporations. Chalice charity work aside, she still has to earn a living.

Among the ones she finds most interesting are those that involve putting down rioters and workers on strike - in other words, civvies - with deadly force.]

These are probably good for killing time...

[Maybe it's more disturbing that she doesn't seem to see anything wrong with that.]

Possibly for UG@

1) [Combat]

[You're in a pitched battle when a Black and Blood Red machine dives into the fray, letting loose a barrage of gunfire. He took out whatever was attacking you - but the problem was you were fighting in a city! Those shots he fired off just blasted open a building that had yet to be evacuated, causing who knows how many casualties! And it doesn't look like he's going to stop firing any time soon.]

2) [Action]

[When you catch sight of the murderous pilot, you see him just merely sitting down somewhere - legs crossed and engrossed in a book. Clearly whatever he was feeling it was not guilt for all the people that had died in the crossfire.]

[He pauses in his reading to glance at you.]

Hm. You need something?

3) [Action]

[He was lazing on a couch with a beer in hand, watching TV. Then what looked like machines similar to his appeared on screen, duking it out like a far more brutal and much less honorable version of the Gundam Fight. He laughs at the battle like it was a comedy.]

Pfft. Amateurs. Learn how to fight for real!

[An odd thing to say given the frantic prizefight happening on screen.]


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